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Uncovering the Secrets of White Coral Stone and Its Benefits

Uncovering the Secrets of White Coral Stone and Its Benefits

White coral

White coral, also known as “Saafed Moonga” in Hindi, is a semi-precious natural gemstone with a white colour. A form of marine organism that develops in the deep ocean is called a coral polyp. The gemstone is well-known in Vedic astrology. Coral reefs are created when polyps cling to rocks in the ocean floor, multiply into thousands of clones, and then mix with other types of coral to form colonies that continue to expand throughout time. This stunning white coral is made of the firm calcium carbonate mineral. It is not extremely hard as it is ranked between 3 and 4 on the Mohs scale. It can be found on American, Australian, and Mediterranean coral reefs. The Red and White corals are the most common ones used in jewellery and are regarded as essential gemstones in astrology.


Benefits of wearing White Coral


White coral in particular stands for peace, safety, and a sincere love of nature. Coral is a symbol of pleasure and happiness and provides one the capacity to enjoy life. Coral is supposed to improve general physical and mental health, as well as emotional vitality.


  1. White coral is an organic gemstone used primarily in medical astrology, Ayurveda, and incapacitated Mars, the planet that, in Vedic astrology, regulates the blood system. It is suggested as a cure for other blood issues, jaundice, and diseases specific to tropical climates in some Ayurvedic research. White coral is utilised in Ayurveda as a gemstone and is pulverised into a thin paste known as Pishti that is combined with other plants to make medicinal mixtures. The common cold, bronchitis, and asthma are all successfully treated with white coral.


  1. It is great for newborns with slow metabolisms or feeding problems since it speeds up metabolism and increases hunger. It is a jewel with extraordinary therapeutic qualities. It provides endurance, immune system boosts, and the ability for recuperation while easing general drowsiness, anxiety, and fear of the unknown.


  1. Known as the “stone of wisdom,” this gemstone is beneficial for people who find it difficult to control their anger and bad emotions. It will aid someone in fending off their enemies. The stone removes bad affects and overcomes difficulties since Mars acts as the supreme commander of all the planets. It gets rid of tiredness, gives someone energy, and helps them finish their task within the deadline. One’s aptitude for reasoning is also strengthened by the stone coral. Consequently, the white coral stone will be quite helpful to students who are preparing for competitive tests.


  1. White coral is said to benefit expectant mothers by supplying calming energies and so aiding in reducing their emotions of impatience, according to alternative therapy approaches.


Who should wear it?

coral stone
coral stone


  1. Hindu astrology states that the best candidates for Safed Moonga Ratna are those with the ascendants of Aries and Scorpio. This Safed Moonga Ratna may also be worn by those whose ascendant is in the signs of Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, or Pisces.


  1. The white coral gemstone is seen as advantageous while pursuing careers in the armed forces, law enforcement, government, healthcare, and technology.


  1. Those who excel at management activities or have jobs in management may benefit greatly from wearing this gemstone.


  1. Moonga may turn out to be a gift for individuals who lack commitment, determination, bravery, feel inadequate, and are consistently indecisive or unwilling to make a definite Women who deal with typical gynaecological problems or persistent health issues can also wear this gemstone.


  1. People struggling with identity crisis and depressive episodes, must give this a try.


  1. This stone must be worn by someone experiencing financial difficulties. The white coral gemstone will aid the wearer in resolving financial difficulties.


  1. It works well for those engaged in spiritual direction or who wish to focus on strengthening their own will and capabilities.


How to wear it?


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  1. The coral gemstone ring should be constructed of copper or gold in order to promote the positive energy of Mars in one’s life.


  1. Dip the ring in Gangajal water, honey, tulsi, unpasteurized milk, and ghee to purify, energise, and activate the stone.


  1. Pray to Lord Mars by repeating the mantra “Om Bhaum Bhaumaye Namah Om” 108 times.


  1. Remove the stone from the bowl when it has been energised, wash it with Gangajal, and then wear it.


  1. You must wear a gemstone with the right colour, size, shape, and carat weight in order to benefit from these benefits.


  1. This stone may be used in jewellery that will allow it to touch your skin directly.


  1. You should Wear a safed Moonga stone in the Shukla Paksha, just before sunrise on any Tuesday during Shukla Paksha in the morning, and wear it on the ring finger.


White Coral gemstone’s value and pricing



By evaluating its origin, colour, shape, clarity, and carat weight, white coral’s price may be calculated. Depending on its grade, safed Moonga can cost anywhere between INR 250 $3 approximately and INR 400 $6 approximately per carat. Due to their beautiful hue, Safed Moonga gemstones from Italy and Japan get the greatest prices. White coral stone from different sources, including India, Africa, and the United States, is regarded as a cost-effective option for fine jewellery.Due to the strong demand for white Moonga gemstones, perfect, naturally occurring examples are valued more on the market. For stones with dull, off-white, or pinkish-white colour tones, the price of Safed Moonga frequently decreases. White coral may shatter under pressure and is more vulnerable to harm because it is an organic gemstone. It often comes in round, oval, capsule, and triangle cabochon gemstone forms. Due to their scarcity, triangular diamonds are generally more valuable. White coral’s clarity is determined by its overall brightness and surface roughness because it is an opaque gemstone. For well-polished, immaculate, and glossy white coral, White Moonga prices rise. If a Safed Moonga has imperfections, stains, or pits, the price will decrease. Rarely did white corals come in huge quantities. A flawless, immaculate white coral that weighs more than a few carats is therefore valued according to how rare it is. White corals of poor grade are frequently treated to improve their colour and toughness.

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