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Ear Piercing Styles: All You Should Know About Ear Piercing & How To Pick Suitable Earrings

Ear Piercing Styles: All You Should Know About Ear Piercing & How To Pick Suitable Earrings

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One important factor to consider when buying the best gemstone earrings in 2023 is your types of ear piercings. The type of ear piercing you have today plays an important role in how well you can try out different earring styles.

For instance, one of the trending earring piercing styles is snake bite. Many people go for this style because it helps to attract a lot of attention to their looks. With a snake bite piercing style, you can always try two mismatched earrings or the same gemstone jewellery.

In the rest of this post, Masterpiece Jewellery wants you to identify the latest earring piercing trends and how to pick suitable gemstone earrings for them.

What exactly is ear piercing?

Ear piercing is a common type of body modification that has been around for many centuries. Many people, especially women, only pierce their ears at the lobe or fleshy region at the lower part of the ear. Today, other common styles of ear piercings include helix, conch, and tragus.

Here are some earring piercing trends you can consider today

gemstone earrings
gemstone earrings

1.   Snake Bites

As earlier mentioned, Snake Bite is a type of earring piercing style that has become increasingly popular today. This piercing style features two piercings, which are positioned closely together. With these piercings, you have two options for wearing your gemstone earrings:

  • First, you can decide to use two matching earrings.
  • Alternatively, you can go for two different earrings, depending on your taste.

To get the best out of a snake bite piercing style, we’ll advise that you focus on using simple gemstone hoops. Alternatively, you can also use opal earrings studs or other stud products. Don’t forget you can either use two identical earring studs or mismatched studs.

If you already have a single piercing and are interested in using the snake bite style, all you need is to get a second hole very close to the first one. One good thing about this snake bite trend is that you can always have your piercings on any part of your ears.

2.   Tragus

Tragus is an unconventional earring piercing that’s only created on the small piece of cartilage, which covers your ear canal. This type of piercing isn’t quickly discovered because its location is pretty close to the face.

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When it comes to shopping on Masterpiece Jewellery for the best gemstone earrings for tragic, you only have a couple of options:

  • First, you can go for some of the best opal earring studs.
  • Other earring options for tragic are barbells and gemstone hoops.


3.   Conch

A full-on conch piercing involves piercing the cartilage region, which is located in the middle of your ear. This region is pretty close to the opening of your ear canal. Although some people believe conch piercing can help to reduce chronic pain and migraine, you can go for this style if you’re looking to improve your aesthetics.

That said, to get the best out of your conch piercings, you can always go for conch studs, barbells, or even captive bead and clicker rings.

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