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How Can Fashion Advertising Create Racial Discrimination?

How Can Fashion Advertising Create Racial Discrimination?

Fashion advertising

Fashion advertising can create racial discrimination in a person’s sense of self-identity. Fashion advertising can convince people of their beauty by positively portraying certain body types and races.


Fashion Advertising


Fashion advertising has been around for centuries and has always been an essential part of marketing. Today, it’s still one of the most effective ways to reach consumers and create brand awareness.

Fashion advertising

Fashion advertising has come a long way since the days when people would see print ads in magazines. Today, fashion advertising is more sophisticated and interactive than ever, using various technologies to reach its target audience.


One of the most common ways fashion advertisers reach their target audiences is through digital media. This includes websites, social media platforms, and e-commerce stores. Fashion ads on these sites often feature models wearing the latest trends and are designed to generate interest in buying featured products. 


Racial Discrimination through Fashion Advertising 


Fashion advertising often relies on stereotypes and racist portrayals of particular groups of people. This can lead to discrimination against those groups, so it’s essential to know how fashion advertising works.


Recently, there has been increasing concern over fashion advertising that uses racial slurs and other derogatory language. This type of advertising is considered offensive and damaging to the self-esteem of minority groups, who are often the target audience for such ads.


There have also been reports of agencies using black models only for clothing samples or as background scenery, while Caucasians are used in mainstream ads. This can lead to exclusion and inferiority among minorities, who may feel less likely to participate in or endorse fashion brands that use racist language and imagery.


It’s essential to be critical in the fashion industry that advertising and to ensure you’re not passively supporting systems promoting discrimination. By being aware of how this advertising works, you can help create a more inclusive society where everyone feels valued and respected.


Many examples of fashion advertising have been accused of promoting racism. For example, ad campaigns for Dior that showed black models wearing whiteface and other racist make-up, as well as ads for H&M that featured monkeys and apes dressed in clothes meant for children. 


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These types of advertisements convey that it’s acceptable to discriminate against certain groups of people based on their skin color or ethnicity. They also create a hostile and uncomfortable environment for minorities, making them feel unsupported and isolated. 

Fashion advertising

Fortunately, laws in place prohibit fashion advertising from using discriminatory language or images. If you see any ads that violate this law, you should report them to the relevant authorities. Doing so will help create a more inclusive society where everyone is treated equally and fairly.




While fashion advertising can be seen as an opportunity to showcase different cultures and lifestyles, it is also often used to promote racial discrimination.


There are a number of examples of how advertising has perpetuated racist attitudes and stereotypes in the past. For example, ads featuring white models wearing black clothing or using blackface to depict African Americans are both examples of racism in fashion advertising.


These ads not only offend people who see them but also contribute to the negative body image and self-esteem issues that many black people experience. They also reinforce the idea that black people are only suited for specific societal roles – such as being objects of beauty or street performers – rather than being accepted for who they are.

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