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Simple and Aesthetic

Unlike the minimalism of home aesthetics which focuses on the appeal of clean, solid, and muted colors, thanks to Marie Kondo (The Queen of Purging), when it comes to a minimal style, you don’t have to compromise on personality or throw out everything in your closet to that effect.


Adopting a minimalistic sense of style isn’t necessarily about owning less but about figuring out what works for you and your aesthetics, then pairing the pieces you wear and removing anything unnecessary. Doing this leaves you with staple pieces guaranteed to create a more timeless and cohesive sense of style.

What Exactly Is a Minimal Style?

Minimalism is inspired by everything from functionality to practicality. Pieces in your wardrobe should work interchangeably. As Coco Chanel says, “Fashion changes, style endures,” which essentially means incorporating more classic and timeless pieces in your closet will surely stand the test of time.


This is not to say you shouldn’t have fun with your wardrobe or explore trends, but at the core of everything, there should be one idea: simplicity.


The beauty of the minimalistic style is that it is the essence of effortless and cool style and a complement to other styles (for those days, you feel the need to explore). When you’ve stripped back everything you own and curated them to be worn together, there is no room for mess-ups.


Minimal Style Aesthetics

When it comes to achieving minimal aesthetics, it’s not about purging everything you own and making a huge Boohooman order in an attempt to pull off this look successfully. Instead, it is gradually transitioning and using your existing pieces to compliment your style.


If you are looking for inspiration, consider these trends for a unique and stylish perspective.

1.     Smart Casual.

The smart casual trend is probably one of the most popular minimalistic trends. This style usually incorporates a lot of everyday wear that you already have in your closet, but the caveat is simplicity.


One of the easiest ways to achieve this style is taking everyday office wear and styling it down with a pair of sneakers or loafers.


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This mode of style guarantees that you have the basics needed to transition to any event—whether that’s a typical day at work or happy hour with friends after work.


2.     Street Style Looks.

Contrary to popular opinion, streetwear isn’t always about over-the-top bold shapes and styles. Lately, we’ve seen the trend transition into a more straightforward version—taking more comfortable and loungey wear and making them fashionable. We’ve seen the rise of beautiful and neutral sweatsuits making their rounds and creating a more minimalistic edge worthy of exploring. If you love being casual and comfortable, this might be your style.


3.     Scandi Style

Scandinavians have never been one to shy away from a good staple which is why they are known as the kings of minimal style. Style isn’t always about being able to afford the most expensive pieces but knowing what to invest in. One of the biggest lessons to learn from this group is to invest in pieces of solid colors that will last you a lifetime and will eradicate the chances of having a wardrobe cluttered with old clothes you haven’t worn in a while because you simply don’t love them.


4.     Japanese Style

If there is one thing the Japanese are known for, it is incorporating beautiful shapes and structures into a lot of their wear. This helps add a touch of minimalism to their style. Styling this look is what makes the difference. Their simple color and textures, loose-fitting trousers, white shirts, and oversized jackets all include the staples needed to build a minimal style capsule.

5.     Rugged Modern

The minimalist aesthetic isn’t always about well-tailored and structured pieces but can include more grunge looks. The advantage of this aesthetic is it can blend into other aesthetics without compromising on simplicity or style. This look would cater to a more fitted mode of dressing in statement shoes like Doc Martens or your typical suede Chelsea boots.

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