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The Restored Marriage Blueprint: 3 Steps to Get Your Marriage Back on Track

The Restored Marriage Blueprint: 3 Steps to Get Your Marriage Back on Track

Marriage restoration
The first step is to make the relationship safe again. This means creating an atmosphere of trust and safety that allows the couple to deal with any issues that have contributed to the decline in their relationship. The second step is to build positive connections between each other through shared meaning, shared purpose, shared humor, supportiveness and kindness. The third step is to create new shared experiences – without forgetting old ones – which will help bring back the feeling of joy and excitement that was present at the beginning of their relationship.
Introduction: What is the Restored Marriage Blueprint?
The Restored Marriages Blueprint is a program designed to help couples restore their marriage.
Welcome to Kingdom Blueprint! The Station For Restoration! Kingdom Blueprint was birthed out of the restoration of Aaron and Mary Dade’s Marriage. This amazing couple has both gone through prodigal seasons, divorce, restoration of their entire family, and reconciliation of their outer family. Their restoration brought a restoration baby who joined their other 3 children from their past season. Out of the overflow of their own intimacy with God, He then literally gave them the blueprint for restoration for their marriage and then, commissioned them to teach, equip, and prepare other couples to also walk through restoration themselves! Kingdom Blueprint has helped prodigals to turn back to God and helped standers to reignite their faith in standing and embrace restoration!
The Root Cause of all Marital Problems and How to Address Them
Marriage is a union of two people who are committed to each other for the long haul. It is a lifelong commitment that requires work and effort in order to make it last. There are many things that can go wrong in a marriage and it is important to know what the root cause of all marital problems is, so as to address them properly.
The root cause of all marital problems is lack of communication. Communication can be the key that unlocks any marital problem and makes your marriage blissful again.
The 5 Steps to Implementing the Restored Marriage Blueprint
Identify the Root Cause of Conflict
Develop a Mutual Understanding of the Conflict
Create a Plan to Resolve the Conflict
Implement and Execute the Plan
Evaluate Progress and Follow-Up
By now it should be clear that marriage is no easy journey and requires a lot of patience, love, respect, and understanding.
However, the Restored Marriage Blueprint can help you turn your relationship around by addressing the three most critical areas. Moreover, with our years of experience in this field, we have managed to handle thousands of couples successfully as well.
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