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Things you should consider when choosing a door cam for forensic purposes

Things you should consider when choosing a door cam for forensic purposes

More and more people are planning to retrofit their houses with a front door camera to make life more convenient and better protect the home from burglary. Apparently, the front door surveillance camera has a deterrent effect on thieves.

Do you also have the same plan to acquire a front door camera? Or are you not well versed in home door surveillance and want to find some information about home door surveillance first? Also, you may be worried about how to get the best image enhancement software for your door cam images and videos.

Then you are right here! In the following part, we will introduce you to the important functions the front door IP camera should have.

What kind of front door camera should you buy?

The front door camera should be easy to install

Almost no one wanted to install a front door camera, which needs complicated preparation and heavy work like drilling holes, wiring the camera, etc. Yet, there are many difficult-to-install home security systems on the market. For example, when choosing the front door spy camera, you need to pay attention to the adjustment with the door, such as the size and thickness.

In addition, some models are supplied with a monitor or screen. You still need to install the monitor on the wall for this type. And it’s not very convenient either, since you still have to go to the monitor and then check the situation.

Therefore, selecting a completely wireless WLAN/radio front door camera with a battery is advisable. Since it is connected to WiFi and powered by a rechargeable or non-rechargeable battery, you don’t need to wire network cables, power cables, and drill holes with such a door camera.

There is also no need to install a monitor because most WiFi front-door surveillance cameras offer a smartphone app for live viewing. Hence, such an easy-to-install WiFi front door camera can save you time and money by having a professional install it.

The front door camera should have good picture quality

Undoubtedly, image quality is very important in any security camera. In the case of a front door camera, it is also a required feature.

What should you do if someone is at the front door and you can’t see anything clearly because of the poor picture quality? Or what should you do if someone tries to break into your home while you are away, but your door surveillance system cannot clearly record the human face and provide effective evidence?

In such cases, a front door surveillance camera with poor image quality is useless. And how do you make sure the picture quality of the front door camera is good enough? Well, that’s easy, especially considering the image/video captured by your door cam purpose is for surveillance. In that case, you can get forensic image enhancement software free to help you enhance images or videos from your door cams.

In addition to the information, you can also find many CCTV footage enhancement software online on the Internet. Still, we recommend you use Cognitech cloud security to get the best quality view of the pictures or videos captured by the front door camera.

The front door camera should have good night vision

I’ve frequently encountered this type of question on the forums: “Is the IR function of a front door camera necessary?” I would answer YES, of course, if you use it as a video forensics tool.

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Burglars often break in at night; everyone knows that. In addition, the front door is also one of the weak points. Therefore, the front door needs more protection at night. Then it is best to choose a front door camera with a night vision function so that the camera can still record clear images in complete darkness, and your front door is also protected around the clock.

Smart motion alarm is very important for home door surveillance

After all, it is impossible for you to always access the front door camera via smartphone or monitor and check the situation in the area. But how can you know if someone is approaching your house or at the front door when you are not home? A front door camera with a motion detector will help you with this.

Using a front door camera system with a motion detector will have smarter front door camera surveillance. That means you will get real-time motion alerts via app or email as long as someone is approaching your front door or loitering outside your front door.

For example, after receiving the motion alarm, you can watch the live stream directly via your smartphone and check whether there is just a cat walking or a thief is there who wants to break into your house. And if a thief is there, you can take immediate action, such as calling the police.


After checking these features, you still need to get more satisfied with the quality of your door cam’s images and videos. Hence, you need to use the services of the Cognitech video investigator to get the best image authentication.

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