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Top 5 Trending Wedding Dresses (Modern & Vintage) 2023| Bliss Gown

Top 5 Trending Wedding Dresses (Modern & Vintage) 2023| Bliss Gown

wedding dress ball gowns

If you’re looking forward to having your wedding this year, now is the time to start preparing for the upcoming event. Speaking of planning; one good point to start is by considering your wedding dress style. Do you want to go for a wedding dress (modern) style or the classic option? This is one question you need to ask yourself before choosing your preferred style.


Well, regardless of your preferred style, 2023 has some trending wedding dresses you can check out to find your unique look. These trending dresses include dramatic wedding dress ball gowns, colorful wedding dress mermaid style, luxe embellishments gowns, etc. Read on to discover how Bliss Gown can help you customize your wedding dress with inspiration from any of the following trending dresses:

wedding dress ball gowns
wedding dress ball gowns

1.  Colorful wedding dress mermaid style

The April & October New York Bridal Fashion Week is an industry event that brings different designers and brands together to showcase their latest collections. October last year, the colorful wedding dress mermaid style was one of the top-listed gowns in every designer collection.


In the past years, the New York Bridal Fashion Week has always featured all-white collections. However, the latest event had many wedding dress mermaid gowns and other styles in different hues, including soft blue and blush.



To make your wedding day unique, you can go for a colorful wedding dress with pastel shades and a bold floral print. A good example is this Mermaid Backless Wedding Dress, which you can buy & customize to your taste on Bliss Gown.

2.  Wedding dress ball gowns

If you want to feel like a Cinderella or Disney princess on your special day, wedding dress ball gowns will certainly make a good pick for you. Interestingly, this dress style is one of the trending styles during the October New York Bridal Fashion Week.


At Bliss Gown, our collection includes long wedding dress-sleeve ball gowns of different styles. These dresses are pretty perfect for brides of any body type. However, we often recommend them for petite brides with pretty small frames.

3.  Scoop Strapless Necklines

Over the years, puff sleeves and long wedding dress sleeves have always dominated the New York Bridal Fashion Week. During the last October event, guess what style was reintroduced? It’s the

scoop strapless neckline silhouettes.


Unlike a straight-across strapless neckline, this trending wedding dress scoop strapless neckline flattering gown offers more support for brides with a larger chest. This style can go with any silhouette, including wedding dress romantic plus tulle, wedding dress classic with heavy satin, or any other modern style.

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4.  Ruffle wedding dress styles

Ruffles are currently one of the trending wedding dress styles today. With this style, it’s easy to achieve a wedding dress romantic gown that makes you feel special on your wedding day.


Ruffles aren’t just romantic, they are also frilly and playful. Irrespective of what you’re looking for, be it a midi dress or a wedding dress with layers of cascading tulle, ruffles can always add more dimension & texture to your pick. You can learn more about the different ruffle wedding dress (modern & classic) silhouettes in our collection.

Wedding Dresses
Wedding Dresses

5.  Feather Embellishments

Wedding dresses with feather embellishments are perfect for brides looking to have a fanciful gown on their big day. Historically, lace has always been the go-to embellishment for most wedding gowns. However, according to the last October New York Bridal Fashion Week, feathers are now becoming increasingly popular.


The good thing is that feather embellishments are fanciful and glamorous on wedding g gowns. If you want this style, Bliss Gown is one of the few platforms you can rely on to get the best custom designs. You can check to see the different types of wedding dress feather embellishment gowns in our collection.



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