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Types of Customized Jewelry

Types of Customized Jewelry

Customized jewelry is a charm, and no one doesn’t like having unique jewelry designs to call their own, right? Of course, having the most classic jewelry is always interesting, but something different also works well.

And if you think that the options are limited when it comes to customized pieces, know that there are infinite possibilities in the jewelry market – and one of them will probably meet your expectations.

In this article, you will see a series of options for you to make your personalized pieces. In addition, we bring you some tips so you can avoid mistakes when getting a custom jewelry design.

What Is Customized Jewelry

What would be personalized jewelry? What characterizes a piece like this? In fact, a customized piece of jewelry can have different meanings. It can simply be a personalized piece of jewelry with your name (something that is standard but still personalized just for you) or even a piece with something sentimental.\


This type of piece is very cool to bring something that goes far beyond aesthetics. In many cases, a custom jewelry design refers to a memory or person we admire. Because of this, they end up being a great gift to give to your children, husband, boyfriend, or anyone with a lot of meaning in your life. It is a very special type of gift, as it transcends the issue of material goods.


Now, how about getting to know some customized jewelry options? Check out the list below.

Customized Jewelry With Your Name

Of the personalized jewelry, the name necklace or bracelet is the most common. In fact, if your name is common, like “Camila,” “Fernanda,” “Bianca,” and so on, you might even find one ready-made. If your name is a little rarer, you will need to ask a custom jeweler to make the jewelry. The good thing about ordering is that you can choose the font and also the size.


Necklaces with initials are also very common, especially with the initials of the first and last name. In these cases, you will also need to order the piece, as it is unlikely you will find one that fits your name. The name is written in cursive, giving the piece something very delicate and elegant.

Customized Couple Jewelry

For those in love, asking to make a couple’s jewelry is possible. They are usually given on commemorative dates, such as a dating or wedding anniversary, a partner’s birthday, or even on the day of the proposal. Normally, these pieces of jewelry complement each other, making the combination of pieces one and the same. The most common of all is the heart, where each lover gets one half.


Typically, these personalized jewelry come with the partner’s name or initial. And, of course, rings are also classics among lovers. Engraving the name of your loved one on the ring is almost mandatory, but you can also find pairs of rings that “talk to each other.”


Try to find delicate and sophisticated jewelry so you can both wear the pieces normally daily (without having any problems matching each other’s style or things like that).

Customized Jewelry with Printing

If you want to stamp someone’s face in gold literally, personalized jewelry can be engraved with their face print. They are usually medals with very light and subtle designs. A very common choice is the design for babies, with the piece being worn by parents – especially mothers.


It’s a way to always have your child with you, remembering the baby’s first days of life. It is an extremely affectionate and beautiful piece of jewelry.

Customized Jewelry With Photos

If you want something more traditional, the amulet with a photo is one option. Despite looking like one of the Hollywood personalized jewelry pieces, this piece is great for always remembering someone.

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It is common to include a photo of your children, grandparents, husband, or anyone with a lot of meaning in your life. There are even those who post a photo of their Pet! Normally, this jewelry needs to be a little more robust to take the photo, but it’s also nothing exaggerated (unless you want it to be). These medallions usually come ready-made, and the personalization involves placing the photo you want.

Where to Buy Custom Jewelry

Now, all that’s left is to know where to get a custom jewelry design. Well, there are two options: physical stores and online stores. Firstly, not all jewelry stores work with personalized pieces, so you need to check whether this is a possibility or not.


In the case of physical stores, the positive point is that you will be able to take a closer look at the quality of the work. This is very important to know whether or not the jewelry will meet your expectations. On the other hand, it is easier to find a store that makes custom jewelry online. Furthermore, you can look at several options in just a few minutes (and all without leaving home).


Another positive point of online shopping is that the price is usually more affordable, which is crucial for many people. But, of course, the choice ends up being up to you. If you already know a trusted jewelry store, then there is no problem going to a physical store. Just make sure the custom jewelry is of high quality.


Think carefully about the model that will be chosen, and then all you have to do is wait for the jewelry to arrive (it usually takes a few days to manufacture). One trusted physical and online store we recommend is the Gillespie Fine Jewelers.

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