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When gifting men, some gifts are a given, while others have the power to make you question how well you know the recipient. Presents for men can be as simple as a new tie or as complicated as a new house. But just in case a house will have you robbing banks, consider the options that are just as thoughtful and important but don’t cost a king’s ransom.

1.   A Winter Scent

Buying fragrance for anyone other than yourself is risky as we all have preferences, tastes, and different standards regarding scents. I should know. Before settling for Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, I had been testing and trying scents for years. And yes, it’s a tad pricy, but with good reason. I mean, the smell is unique, rich, enchanting, and lingers for hours. So yes, it is worth its weight in gold.


The best gift for a man is something that he will enjoy using.

2.   Premium Tweezers and Scissors

We all know how unattractive a hair-dense nose can be. And unless you spend a few minutes in front of a mirror, these hairs will grow to an appalling length. These tweezers will help a man maintain a well-groomed face. And they can be a multipurpose tool to help you pluck anything unsightly.

3.   Sexy Soap

Believe it or not, soap is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone today. This is an opportunity to level them up by introducing a new and refined soap for a beautiful experience in the shower. Don’t be surprised if your gift makes it into their shopping basket every time, they go shopping.


I currently use Re-Charge Black Pepper and Cypress and Sea Fennel by Moton Brown. Warm and enticing, The Black Pepper is ideal for a night out. Crisp and perfect for daily usage, Cypress and Sea Fennel.


4.   Hair Dryer.

With Men’s grooming and self-care practices gaining traction in today’s world, this is always a much-appreciated gift.


5.   Double Edge Razor.

Men are hairy creatures. From bushy beards to back coats, we will always find a use for an edgy razor. And with the rise in grooming practices in men, you can rest assured this is a thoughtful gift to any self-respecting man. A razor that incorporates safety and finesse in functionality is always welcomed.


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6.   Shaving Brush

In addition to helping the razor smoothly glide while shaving, a shaving brush helps in redistributing shaving cream uniformly for a nice clean shave. This makes the process easy and fun.


Shaving in itself might feel like an obligation to many men, so incorporating clean and efficient ways that make it fun is a bonus.

7.   Shaving Cream.

Whether you are buying shaving cream for yourself or a fellow bearded man, this is always a thoughtful gift considering we always have something to shave. In addition to making, it easy, shaving creams help protect you from skinning yourself during the shaving process and is gentle to the skin. It also helps prevent irritation and bumpy surfaces after shaving.

8.   Face Lotion 

The modern man appreciates the need for flawless and hydrated skin. This means we are constantly looking for some TLC products to maintain our good looks. A good lotion like the CeraVe moisturizing cream ensures your skin remains moisturized the whole day. Coupled with excellent and effective sunscreen, give this to a man as a gift and watch him take over the world.

9.   Hair Clay

This Arcadian Clay Pomade helps moisten your hair, restore it from its brittle state, and improve its healthy appearance. I don’t believe in a one size fits all product, but this one comes pretty close. Applying it leaves your hair smooth and it’s easy to style as desired without the pasty or creamy feel that comes with most clays. It’s pretty affordable for products in its weight class, and Knoxville, Tennessee, is where the complete product line is conceived and made.

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