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With the beard considered a symbol of masculinity and testosterone-infused looks, what man would not want an impressively thick and bushy beard covering their face?


Unfortunately, however, the process of growing a beard can be anything but easy for most men, thanks to the myriad of information on the internet that, at most times, doesn’t help. With everyone having an opinion, how do you decide on the best and most effective beard growth technique that works for you?


The trick is understanding that you are not the first to venture into this journey. Many great men have struggled to develop their bushy mane from thinning whiskers. We have collated the best tips from such men to help you take your first step into growing a Jake Arrieta beard.


Beard Grooming Dos and Don’ts for When You Want to Grow a Full, Thick, And Glossy Beard.

1.  Always Brush Your Beard.

Brushing is integral to grooming your beard as it helps exfoliate the skin to avoid dandruff and distribute essential natural oils from the skin. These oils are critical in preventing your strands from freezing and breaking. They are also crucial in moisturizing the hair shaft to prevent split ends.


Brushing helps tame your beard, shaping it to grow as you wish. This can be done with a comb when the beard is still short and progress to a brush when the strands grow long enough to be brushed.

2.  Avoid Constant Shaving.

The popular opinion that shaving your beard helps it grow faster and stronger is nothing more than a misconception. Shaving makes it more challenging for your beard to grow. If you are looking for ways to fasten and increase beard growth, switch to a healthier diet. A good diet is more likely to impact the quality and growth process because hormones determine hair growth.

3.  Avoid Cheap and Substandard Trimmers.

As you have noticed by now, growing a beard requires a life adjustment, from the time you spend grooming the beard to the quality of products and equipment you use for the job. Simply put, that substandard trimmer in your tool kit with short battery life and traditional stainless-steel blades that grow dull with every use is damaging your beard and wasting time.


When it comes to securing good trimmers, the concept of buying nice or buying twice is a reality that will hit you sooner or later. Consider investing in good quality trimmers, such as the Beardscape Beard Trimmer, that will save you time and money.

4.  Stop Shaving Deep into The Neckline.

When looking to grow a good-looking and perfectly shaped beard that flatters your face, understand that trimming or shaving requires skill and an understanding of your facial and neck features.


If you are a rookie in the shaving department, consider getting help from your barber and emulate their style and precision in your next self-grooming session.



5.  Master The Art of Trimming Your Mustache.

Beard grooming is a big job for anyone, and mistakes happen in the process. Trimming your beard to a perfect definition, in particular, can be a hard row to hoe when it’s your first time.


Understanding that your Mustache and beard are partners can help you frame a good shape at the right angles to compliment your face. This also applies to maintaining a balanced level between the beard and the mustache strands to give it a uniform look.

6.  Allow Your Beard to Grow Uniformly.

Another rookie mistake is not appreciating that different parts of your face may experience hair growth much faster than others. In the end, some parts may have longer strands than others. This is where trimming for uniformity becomes essential.


Take a few minutes in front of a mirror, and analyze the growth patterns and how each part grows to take trimming action to get a symmetrical look.

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7.  Be Patient.

Growing a beard is a process that requires patience.


It is estimated that it may take up to 2 months for a beard to develop, which might not be uniform in all areas. However, for some people, the time taken can be less, thanks to their perfect genes.


Accept that the path to a beautiful and bushy beard is paved with frustrations, so brace yourselves, dear brothers.


8.  Invest In a Good Beard Wash.

Hundreds of beard products promise to grow your beard to a Rick Ross level in two weeks or less. I wouldn’t recommend them unless there is sufficient data to back how effective they are and a list of their side effects.


However, I know that a good beard wash can be gentler and will not strip out all the natural and essential oils your beard requires for growth. This means that the regular hair shampoo you have been using is not doing it for you. The product is also gentle on your face.

9.  Steer Clear of Heat Drying.

Just like the hair on your head, subjecting your beard to heat contact will damage it by making it frizzy and brittle. Instead of using heat, consider turning your dryer to the lowest temperature and holding it at a distance to dry your beard.

10.                Know When to Quit.

Science says that hair growth is a hormonal issue, and the ability to grow a complete and bushy beard is determined by genetics. Should you find that your efforts to grow a beard naturally are growing futile, accept the reality that you were not destined to rock a Viking’s look.

11.                Pay Attention to Your Trimmers Settings.

It only takes one cut to ruin a year’s worth of growth. Always keep your trimmer’s settings in mind. Check once, twice, or thrice to ensure you don’t undo your year’s effort in less than 2 seconds.

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