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Growing up, most girls are taught to clip away any unsightly strand of hair and to invest in skin care products that will leave their skin looking silkier, smoother, and even younger, among other essential grooming lessons. These are equally important lessons for boys, but they often go unlearned.


No, I don’t mean men should and must have hairless legs, but that’s invited too if it is your preference. The point is that men can also benefit from simple grooming lessons and the importance of self-care.


There is nothing remarkable about a man with untrimmed protruding nose hairs or who waits for his undies to wear out before adding one more to the collection for another decade.


It is so unfortunate that, as men, we are conditioned to think that taking care of ourselves is unnecessary when it is crucial to our health, happiness, and success.


Self-care can be anything from relaxing with a book to setting up a time for a manicure. This article will focus on 8 essential personal grooming habits that will promote hygiene, good physical health, and a healthy mental state while fortifying success in other aspects of your life.









8 Ways Men Can Practice Self-Care Through Grooming Habits.

1.   Caring For Your Nails.

As men, we are practical creatures (well, so are women, but this article focuses on men). We are not afraid to get our hands dirty. The difference between the ladies and us is that while we might go through the day with debris build-up or greasy nails from working on our car, a lady most likely has a nail care toolkit for cleaning up immediately after the task.


It is imperative to understand that nail care is not just about making our nails look presentable but has more to do with hygiene. Neither is it more significant to women than it is to men.


Nail care is invaluable regardless of your profession, considering your hands are always on display. And you only need a handful of tools to get the work done.


  • Nail brush to scrub under your nails before clipping them to avoid germ transference. The brush should always be used, whether your goal is to shorten the nails or if they are already at the desired length.
  • Nail clippers ensure your nails are always short to avoid debris build-up under long nails that can cause infections. After all, your environment is a germy jungle.
  • Nail file to smoothen up the jagged edges that can be irritating when they start pulling on your clothes fabrics, or worse, cause damage to your skin.

If you are like me, that isn’t enough. What about dry hands or rough calluses from the friction of having to work manually? As such, you need tools and essential products to rehabilitate your nails.

Worthy Additions. 

  • A moisturizing cream to be used on dry hands. It also helps prevent the growth of calluses.
  • Hand cream. Used on dry hands and also to prevent peeling nails.

Better yet, get a professional to work your nails to perfection.

2.   Maintaining Your Body Hair.

There is nothing wrong with a hairy man; there is a consensus that body hair makes a man sexier and more appealing. The key is trimming it, keeping it clean, and understanding that some hair is best to do away with.


Hairy Areas Every Man Should Keep in Check.


The ears. You don’t need to make it smooth as the hair serves a purpose but trim off the protruding hairs, for God’s sake.


The Nose. Again, this is hair with a function, so getting entirely rid of it is discouraged. Use a pair of beard scissors to trim the strands sticking out of your nose.


Neck hair. We appreciate that this can be a challenge on your own, especially if the hair is on the back of your neck. This is why we encourage you to get help. No, not necessarily professional assistance, although that is invited. Ask your significant other to help you trim or wax it off.


Back. This bit of hair might require skill to get rid of. Consider a trimming and waxing session every once in a while, to ensure you never have to deal with a back bush.


Armpits. It is believed that excessive hair promotes sweating. The moisture, in turn, encourages bacteria build-up, leading to foul body odor. So yes, these hairs got to go as well.

3.   Developing A Skincare Routine.

Do I need to reiterate how your face is your most important asset when presenting yourself?


If your goal is to age like fine wine, the secret is taking care of your skin right now. And no, it is not plastic surgery or skin tightening procedures.


The key is understanding your skin needs and getting products that meet them.


Your quick in-shower face wash with a bar of soap is not helping you look any younger. Get yourself a face wash specifically designed for your type of skin. Please spare a few minutes daily to clean your face and make it a ritual.


Invest in a good moisturizer, and DONT forget the two critical ingredients to radiant, healthy, and age-defying skin. That is the wonderworking Retinol and SPF sunscreen for your face.


Self-care practices for men involving retinol ensure you never have to worry about blackheads, dealing with acne, or breakouts. The product is a brand of Vitamin A designed to speed up cell regeneration in your face area.


On the other hand, sunscreen offers a protective layer against UV rays associated with skin cancer. Considering that men stand a greater chance of being affected by UV rays, it is recommended that sunscreen be applied to every part exposed to the sun, not just your face.

4.   Refresh Your Socks and Undergarments.

You don’t have to wait until your undergarments have a loose elastic band, dangling threads, and gaping holes before you consider getting a new pair. And the situation could be worse for socks.


It is no secret that our feet and nether regions are prone to sweating more. We already established that sweat=bacteria resulting in a foul odor or, worse, infections. This means hygiene in such areas is imperative to good health.

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Consider a bit of manscaping if the hairs in the region are too long. But what is more, invest in new, comfortable, and breathable undergarments. Get the kind designed for mobility, and you never have to be stressed about the state of your underbelly environment.


Worn-out heels and protruding toes on your socks are not a welcoming scene. So yes, no one can notice that with your Elkan Leather Chelsea Boots. But looking good and feeling good should go hand in hand.

5.   Create A Comfortable, Warm, And Welcoming Home for Yourself.

To a great degree, our environment determines our success. A warm, clean, comfortable, and organized space helps you achieve your potential. It has even been documented that our space sets our mood.


This explains your frustration when working at home on an unvacuumed rag or the lingering thought of the pile of clothes in the laundry basket.


However, there is more to creating a home than just doing basic cleaning. The aesthetics and decor, for instance, are critical elements. Create a house with a look that speaks to you and make the home your little heaven. And yes, you are bound to make holes in your pocket for this project, but the end will justify the means.

6.   Hair Maintenance Practices.

Guess what? Hair loss is preventable, according to WebMD. The key is early action.


The women in my life have always discouraged each other against everyday shampooing. It sucks out all the hairs and scalp natural oils.


So, fellow men, as much as clean hair is an absolute must, please ease down on shampooing unless your hair is undeniably dirty. The standard recommendation is two to three times a week.


Hair conditioners and treatments are not reserved for women alone. Get into her shelves, get some hair treatment for your hair, and rock on some silky strands. But it would be best to get yourself hair products designed for men’s hair.


In as much as styling is an individual preference, consider educating yourself on the best hairstyles that go with your face shape and length of hair.

7.   Oral Hygiene.

Stinky breath is a turn-off. Worse, the bearer seldom notices the stink until someone points it out. Only now, when we must wear a face mask and endure the foul smell alone, do we realize how bad those around us have it.


Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer the humiliation of someone covering their nose while screaming at you about how bad your breath is. Simple at-home practices will help you avoid the stink.


Growing up, I was taught to brush and floss my teeth at least twice daily. This, however, may no longer work alone, depending on some of the meals we have during the day that could trigger bad breath.


Some critical practices of getting rid of bad breath in addition to regular brushing include;

  • Staying hydrated at all times and avoiding extreme amounts of caffeine.
  • Investing in a tongue scraper and other mouthwash products like Therabreath or Listerine.

8.   Frequently Wash Your Sheets and Towels.

It is advisable to clean your sheets after a maximum of one week of use. However, this does not mean you can’t clean them after every two or three days. During the night, we sweat, and our bed sheets absorb it. It makes sense why after some time, they develop a distinct smell that worsens the longer they are not washed.

For towels, a clean-up after every two or three uses is recommended. But, if possible, consider cleaning them after every use to protect your skin against bacteria that may build up on the towel due to moisture after use.

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