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These brands are investing in quality and revolutionizing men’s grooming as we know it.


Gone are the days when manliness was defined by dry skin, wrinkles, unhealthy and off-the-rails hair. The modern man redefines masculinity and owns it in how he presents himself to the world. The game’s name is confidence and intentionally looking and feeling good, and the world is here for it.


With thousands of men’s grooming products today, men are spoilt for choice when selecting a product for their use. With that in mind, below is a list of 5 men’s grooming products I have personally used that have worked like a charm.

1.   The Hanz de Fuko Quicksand Ultra-Matte Finish Hair wax.


Are you looking to add volume to your hair without weight? This product transforms your fine hair by giving it volume and absorbing excess oils to give it texture without the greasy, sticky, or flakey elements observable in other such products.


The product consists of single-part styling wax and one-part dry shampoo. With these as the secret ingredients, the product is designed for convenience. Easy to apply, malleable in style, hold well, and is extremely easy to wash off.



2.   Dove Men + Care Ashwaagandha + White Lavender Body Wash.

Don’t let the lavender ingredient fool you into thinking it will come in a feminine scent. Somehow the Dove Men+Care line has found a way to make everything man worthy.


Specialized in men’s needs, this product is designed to leave you fresh without having to endure the average manly scents while being widely available and affordable.


3.   The Brio SmartClean Sonic Electric Toothbrush.

Meet the electric toothbrush shaking things up in the oral hygiene department. With 3 brushing modes to choose from and a gum massaging setting, this Brio smartClean electric toothbrush will whiten and clean your teeth and leave your mouth feeling great.


In addition to being widely available and sleek in cleaning techniques, the toothbrush also comes at an affordable budget for an electric toothbrush with such long battery life. I have had it for years, and I can pretty much count every charging session.

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4.   Listerine UltraClean Flosser.

Convenient in reaching the furthest corners of my mouth and designed for hygiene, this flosser is a must-have for anyone who values good oral health. It comes packed with one-time-use unflavored heads that give you easy access. If flossing has been a challenge, consider getting yourself this flosser and watch yourself effortlessly flossing away anywhere and any time of the day.




5.   The Beardbrand Beard Softener.

With a naturally rough and wry beard, I have had to test and try countless products to help soften it until I found the Beardbrand Beard softener. The product is designed to moisturize, nourish and strengthen your strands to give them a fluffy feel and prevent breakage when brushing.


With so much experience in dealing with beard products, this softener nurtures your beard to a healthy state while being gentle to your skin.


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